Why Bello?

Bello Blades-One knife. Two distinct meanings.


Bellō - to wage or carry out war, fight in war, war.

To Wage War with Blades:  An homage to the kitchen warriors.  The unsung heroes and heroines doing battle nightly behind the scenes in restaurants across the world.  Fiercely competing to scale the kitchen brigade modeled on the military hierarchy.


Bello - Beautiful or lovely.

Beautiful Blades: This knife is nothing short of a work of art pleasing to all senses...beautiful, lovely!

Sight as you admire its stunning appearance following the graceful arch of the blade as your eye is caught by the striking multi-tonal logo that glimmers as you set it into motion as you slice with ease.

Touch as you feel the balanced weight, smooth fit and finish of the contours that rest just so in your hand as well as the crowned spine adding comfort during extended use.

Smell as the aroma of the freshly cut ingredients make their way to your nose.

Sound as you hear the blade snapping crisply through the ingredient you are prepping.

Taste as you indulge on the fruits of your labor.