Details matter

The Blade


 For the blade we proudly feature 2.5mm thick BD1N nitrogen infused American Made steel from Carpenter Technologies in Reading, Pennsylvania.  

This mind-blowing steel touts a Rockwell Hardness of 63HRC so not only is it one of the hardest steels on the market, its strength is second to none.  

BD1N has been shown in many tests that it has one of the longest edge retentions in the professional cutlery market to date and despite its high Rockwell rating and high strength it doesn’t chip like others. 

The Handle

G-10 Fiberglass

 We finish our blades with the best handle material possible G-10.  

This material in is simplest definition is a fiberglass weave suspended in resin.  It is INCREDIBLY strong and is featured on many of the highest quality combat style knives.  

To make this style of handle, layers of fiberglass are soaked in an epoxy resin and then compressed under heat and pressure into the rough desired shape before final shaping and finishing.  

It is impervious to water and will not shrink or crack even when exposed to heat or cold allowing the knife's meticulous fit and finish to be enjoyed for years and years of service. 



The weight and feel of the knife in your hand is important.  

This knife feels pleasantly full in the hand with a bit of extra weight handle side, however it still sits very well balanced on the smooth angled bolster.

The Spine


Because details matter we take the extra step to crown the spine of the knife for a more comfortable pinch grip.  

Your Chef callous will thank us!