American Steel with an Asian Edge

Fall in love with your new favorite knife

Fall in love with your new favorite knife

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Welcome To Bello Blades

The ONLY Knife Line Created By An Executive Chef  and Professional Knife Sharpener

  • BD1N American Made Steel (2.5mm)
  • Razor Sharp 15 Degree Bevel
  • 63 HRC Rockwell Rating
  • Polished G-10 Fiberglass Handle

I personally invite you to take a look around and allow yourself to fall in love with YOUR new favorite knife!

Whether in use or proudly displayed this knife DRAWS attention.  

This  beautiful knife is like many others yet completely UNIQUE.

A true workhorse making EASY work of  the task at hand as well as a STUNNING work of ART.

Once you see this knife you will DESIRE to add it to your collection.

~Thomas J Stockdale (TJ)

Proprietor Bello Blades

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"I use the Chefs knife for my everyday work.  It's a workhorse and can still do fine detailed cuts. I am very happy with them!"

Ben P

Executive Chef

"They look BEAUTIFUL and they are SHARP!"

Kyle D

Executive Chef

"The knives are AWESOME! They hold their edge REALLY well."

Mark G


"It's a BEAUTIFUL product. It deserves to be in a LOT of peoples hands!"

Aaron J

Business Owner

Don't just take their word for it! Find out for yourself and try them NOW!

"Many companies love to mass produce knives with these metal advancements like BD1N simply to push to market with no real thought behind the design. Versatility, balance,  ergonomics, or who is using the knife.

Bello Blades put every measure of crafting a versatile balanced, and well designed knife. Whether your an executive chef in a high paced restaurant, or an adventurous home cook, Bello Blades design will be there to serve your needs.

With an angled bolster, crowned spine, tapered G10 handle, hybrid blade design where Western, Japanese, and German ergonomics create the best of everything we search for in a quality life long blade to see us through our everyday needs. 

No matter the task, Bello Blades lives up to the meaning of its well deserved name. 

I have personally owned more than 200 plus knives in my time, and rarely do I come across a blade design worthy of an in depth review.

Bello Blades is designed for the modern chef by a chef, with careful consideration to weight, balance, grip, edge retention, and the aesthetics that create one of the best knives to be on the market today.

Beauty and affordability make these knives extremely desirable at any level of culinary needs.

The only question I have, is what can we expect from Bello Blades next?"

Jesse Bork


And always a blade enthousiast


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